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December 17, 2008


Stephen Brown

Awesome! I saw these in Costco the other day and was intrigued. And $380 is not bad for a computer. One of these would be handy in the law library or, as you say, in the airport.


I picked up one of these for much the same reason. There is a setting for the trackpad to turn off the super-annoying "scroll whatever window I'm looking at at seemingly random intervals." It's actually caused by a circular motion on the trackpad.

Other than the itty-bitty keyboard and the stupid placement of the buttons, mine has successfully replaced my old 12" powerbook without a problem.


My goodness, this computer fits in my purse. (We're talking a normal purse, not Brenda Leigh Johnson's magical black purse from The Closer.)

I know! Isn't it cool? :D
I got it primarily because I didn't want to lug my huge backpack around with my equally huge laptop in it. Mission accomplished. I plug my university-supplied monitor and keyboard into it when I'm in my office so I don't cramp up when I use it for extended periods, but it's great to take with me when I want to work outdoors or in a cafe for an hour or two. I hope you enjoy using it, even if the trackpad is a bit of a pain.

Oh also, does yours do a little hiccup before it turns on? If it does, you'll know what I mean.


I have one, too; it's wonderful! Beautiful screen resolution, and the keyboard is big enough to use without cramping your fingers.


P. S. can you tell us what kind of flexible keyboard you got?


And I'm fascinated, and I want to know what kind of flexible keyboard you got, too ... !!!

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