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December 09, 2008


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Star Trek XII: The Wrath of the Search for the Voyage of Finals Week:



And then there's this:


Ha! Are you eagerly anticipating the new movie? I'm looking at it askance so far. But I'm willing to be persuaded.

Jonathan Dresner


At risk of (again/further) exposing my (Trekker history/geekdom), I (shouldn't/will) (quibble/Hobgoblin/point out) that all three of these vulcans were graduates of the Starfleet Academy, and would have been exposed to the final exam concept at that point. Though I'm sure that the handwritten "objective" exam would be a mystery, since Academy exams seem to mostly consist of simulations and holo-essays in which complex problems are solved.


Omigosh, I actually did have a student who made that argument about Dracula being in love with Lucy and Mina -- and this was *before* Twilight and he wasn't even goth!

Miriam Elizabeth Burstein

Jenine: I'm feeling...concerned, let's say. (Also: it's an odd number! We all know what that means.)

Jonathan: Yeah, I'm pushing things a bit, but presumably the 24th century will have altered finals week beyond recognition :)

Jonathan Dresner

We can dream!

Bourgeois Nerd

"Jenine: I'm feeling...concerned, let's say. (Also: it's an odd number! We all know what that means.)"

Yes, but Nemesis was an even number, and look how THAT turned out. I share your concern, however. I'm not one much for prequels, even "reboot" prequels.

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