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January 26, 2009


Vance Maverick

What was the text? Not to make you type it, but is there a link or a scan?


That sounds like a very cool exercise.

Natalie T.

I, too, would love to know the poem you used. I'm always looking for "first-day-of-class" exercises. Your's sounds like an ingenious way to engage students--although they might not be as familiar with greeting cards as I am.


Here's the poem:

Your love has been
the sweetest gift
life ever brought to me--
I've found more joy
with you, Sweetheart,
than I ever dreamed
could be...

That's why I feel as happy
and as grateful as I do
To be in love
with someone
who's as wonderful
as you.

(It's still not regular rhyme or meter, but as close as I could get, believe it or not. At least there's an occasional rhyme and mostly recognizable meter.)

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