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January 25, 2009



Allow me to lift your depression. While Google Books does not have the book version of Montmorency, a Roman Catholic tale scanned, if you go to Google Advanced Search and type in the title of the book you will find it was serialized in something called THE PROTESTANT MAGAZINE in 1846 and that has been scanned and is available on Google Books.

I'd post the link here, but for some reason the computer won't let me do this today.

Oh,and forgive the odd pseudonym. I used it on another blog where I wished anonymity and apparantly the server records it for all blogs I send comments to.


Oops. After posting the above I went back and discovered that the serialization of MONTMORENCY in THE PROTESTANT MAGAZINE began before 1846 and continued after that year. But only the 1846 volume is online. So you can only read part of it . Sorry if I got your hopes up.


COPAC mentions copies in British Library, Bodleian, National Library of Scotland and Cambridge UL. It seems you have to jump on a plane, but you can choose the library you like most.

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