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March 17, 2009



I think I must be a victorian when it comes to religious fiction. :)


Have you tried Moore before, Miriam? Seems to me that a long elaborate story with a Victorian setting, such as From Hell, might pique your interest; ditto The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (of which there are now three volumes). Don't be discouraged by the fact that the titles of both have been used for bad movies.

Meg, former UofC-er

The theological bookstore went out of business in 2005, I think.

I've actually heard that the Borders has in no way hurt the non-chain Hyde Park bookstores. If anything, the chain has lost money. And where they are actually making gains is by addressing previously unmet needs through magazine sales and books targeting the neighborhood's African American population that Powell's and the Sem Co-op simply aren't carrying.

And isn't the English department nice now? Though I think it felt so much warmer in Gates-Blake. Now somehow it gives the sense that the English profs, rather than being cozy, are cozying up too well with the admin.



Yeah, I was expecting that the various 57th/58th street stores would kill the Borders (which is what happened to the last store), and not vice-versa.


Speaking of bookstores, Scott has convinced me that I should read Watchmen...

My verdict: overrated. To me, Lost Girls is a far more unusual and subversive book. If you want alternate history (or, in this case, alternate fictional history) try that.

Hope your visit goes well.

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