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March 30, 2009




John Thomas McGuire

Well said! Given the fact that many people will lose their jobs during this economic cataclysm, both in and out of academe, I cannot fathom this person's lack of perspective.


It's the words "beneath me" that rankles. If it's worthy of your curriculum, it's not beneath you as a scholar. It might be an inappropriate use of resources (say, to have a European specialist assigned to teach a survey in American material while the Americanists just teach graduate "special topics") but it's never "beneath" you!


No kidding! And the worst (best?) part is that the article then goes on to advise her to get out of it--instead of telling her "get over yourself."


Sputter is right; if it's a course 'central to the discipline' it's silly for someone hired to teach that discipline to say, "Ah, but it's not fair if I have to teach courses in this discipline I don't want to teach." Who knew that the entire university system existed for that person's convenience?

Not to mention that it's obviously a way of helping out everyone else in the department.


Local rumor has it that, back in the Days of Yore, during straitened economic times, junior faculty in big departments (English, Math) would be handed first-year textbooks from smaller departments (say, Econ or something) and told, "here ya go."

I might protest that.

But a gen-ed course in my department? Can't imagine feeling it was "beneath me."

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