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August 16, 2009



I've been unable to see over a lectern; but to be unable to see over a podium, ya gotta be small.


I sympathize with you. I couldn't bear to have to speak standing still in front of my students. I'd hate it. Hope you'll get a change!

Andrew Vogel

So being the "little professor", I assume part of that little is your height.


See if you can get a remote; when I've been in those rooms I have, all too often, ended up racing across the room (I too am a wanderer) to click the damned button. Or I station a student there as a highly advanced remote:

"Change! No - go back! Maybe it's the next one..."


Josh: podium = lectern is standard usage in the US, probably because we're all confused. Even the OED takes note. (You, however, are not confused.)

Belle: that might supply some added entertainment.

Maria: "I can't see the students!" worked well the last time :)

Andrew: for the past decade, I've been the shortest professor in my department. Hence the blog's name.


See if they have a step available. One of our smart desks has a step tucked underneath for faculty who want to actually see their class.

I second the advice to get a remote for advancing slides if you're using presentation software. It's been very helpful for me as I prowl the aisles of my mega clsses!


Fixed, because I need to set a good example (for once).

Janice: what's frustrating is that I don't use presentation software all that often! (And the smart lectern isn't even in the classroom where I will be using the tech...)


I love SmartPodiums, which is a brand name, by the by, although the fact I teach on a SmartPodiu Lectern Model T51789 muddies the waters a bit. (I'm assuming that was the actual model number, even though Google returns nothing.) (Also, that second link may make it seem like I don't like SmartPodiums. I do! I really do!)

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