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August 24, 2009



You're lucky you were able to negotiate for a new classroom. The professor I'm assisting this semester is fairly petite, and cannot be seen by the students in the back of our classroom (nor can she see them). Unfortunately, our department only has one classroom that seats 70 students--there's nowhere else to go.

Fortunately, she has two conscientious and capable TAs (*ahem*) who can bop the back-row students on the head if they're too chatty.

Maria Grazia

Good luck for our leap into the unknown, then!

Rohan Maitzen

You forgot "E-mails pour in from students who absolutely must take your class, although it hasn't occurred to them to do anything about it until now."

Andrew Vogel

Maybe you should just start carrying a stool around with you. ;)


Email from committees scheduling meetings out until the end of the year reveal conflicts (already!) with other scheduled commitments.

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