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October 02, 2009


Andrew Vogel

This is spectacular. Reminds me of Colossal Cave and my later MUD years.

Amateur Reader

Very funny. And, although I have been following along, it clarified a few things about your project for me. So funny and pedagogically sound.


(begin rant)

I'd suggest the beach method: start with what's nearby, soft, relatively shallow, and delightful -- and tiptoe in deeper inch by inch.

Starting perhaps with Narnia, then Avonlea. Then Rose Macaulay's TOLD BY AN IDIOT. Then Lewis's SUPRISED BY JOY. Then some Shaw and Chesterton and Belloc. Maybe Ward's bio of Chesterton.

Then for an overview all the way back to Adam, er, Virgil -- Lewis's THE DISCARDED IMAGE and Lovejoy's THE GREAT CHAIN OF BEING.

Then George MacDonald's LILITH. Dunno if the theological opinions he got defrocked for are available.

and perhaps some unedited ROBINSON CRUSOE and earlier exploratory voyages.

Then some fiction that includes religion but is not centered on it. Yonge, Louis May Alcott...?


All this is to circle round the deep and cold and rocky to see it in perspective....

(end rant)


For a stupendously rudimentary but promising precursor of manipulating your browser as if you were playing Colossal Cave (350 point Adventure), try the Ubiquity plugin for Mozilla Firefox. It will not, as of yet, make snarky comments on your choice of literature.

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