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January 29, 2010



True, the new interface they've just launched for Google Library seems to have removed the "search My Library" option. But in theory you can still do a search via a URL to your Library with a query attached to the end.

See this explanation at Google Books FAQ for API developers under "Searching for Books in User's Library". The URL is too long, so I'll break it up.

Since you can now create "bookshelves" within your Library, as well as make portions of your Library public or private, they must explain somewhere how to handle "access" authorization to do a search of a part of your own Libary (public or private). But I haven't bothered to look thru the whole Developers' API instructions to figure that out.

I hope this works better than the search function that was available thru the My Library interface, which I found to be extremely hit-and-miss. It certainly didn't do a full text search of all the items in My Library -- just brought up metadata (which as you frequently comment is pretty unreliable) and some text of a few books available in "full text". It was impossible to figure out what the "logic" was of which items got searched, how, and why. Hope they're improving it.

Anyway, see if the API instructions help you solve your search problem.

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