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September 15, 2010


Dr. Koshary

Thanks for the ideas, LP! Like you say, I can't do all of this for every institution I apply to, but I should certainly take a stab at it for my personal shortlist of jobs that seem a little more up my alley than the usual. The responses I've received to this question have driven home to me the fact that I will have to engage much more seriously with pedagogical aims and individual schools' practical realities than I have bothered to do until now.

P.S. Love the picture of Great-Great-Grandma!

Luo lin

This brings back fond memories of the interview in which I got flustered and answered a question about what I would teach in Course Type X with books I had in mind for Course Type Y. I was flustered enough that I didn't even realize I'd done it and tried to defend my choice when the interview asked why in the world I put put Sor Juana in a course on travel literature.


So what was the Burke crisis, and how did you solve it?

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