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November 23, 2010



My guess is that 'General Books' have just scraped the metadata from a public-domain library catalogue, without actually bothering to check if they can supply the book. But I may be wrong.

Remarkably, Nightshade appears to have gone into two editions, the first of 1857 and a 'new edition, revised' of [1858?] issued in the 'Run and Read Library' with a preface by George Gilfillan. The BL catalogue lists no less than ten works called Nightshade, including Nightshade, or the Masked Robber of Hounslow Heath, a Romance of the Road (1861), which sounds fun, and the slightly worryingly-titled Nightshade and Poppies: Verses of a Country Doctor (1898) which makes one wonder what he put in his cordials.

Ben Brumfield

I encountered something similarly shady when I ordered a POD version of a lesser-known work of Kipling's. The book was a re-package of the Project Gutenberg version, without any typesetting. More distressingly, each page contained spam links at the bottom!

I reviewed it in the hopes of warding off other customers, but worry that we're going to see similar things with scam artists and POD.

Ray Girvan

OTOH I recommend the British Library's new POD service; I was beginning to despair of finding Maxwell Gray's The Broken Tryst, but suddenly it's in their catalogue. No-frills cover, but very nicely reproduced.


No sooner does Distributed Proofreaders put a new book up at Project Gutenberg than we see it advertised by the POD bottomfeeders.

If you want a deadtree version, you can just do a little formatting on PG's HTML version and send the file to Lulu. I think they charge something like $13. A great improvement on most POD prices.

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