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March 30, 2011


Mr Punch

Sion? Keyless symbols? Does Dan Brown know about this?


I always find your summaries of the Jewish Conversion novels fascinating. I think I'll tack this on onto the reading list for my students in "Introduction to the Old Testament." I introduce them to supersessionism as a way of awakening in them some self-critical reading habits (since they are largely a good example of Christian readers who are not actively anti-Semitic but whose theologies are deeply if not coherently anti-Judaic). And I give them some very brief history on it. But, two or three of your summaries would give them an excellent sense of how prevalent it all has been, and give them some representative details: "keyless symbols"; "mechanical prayers"; and yes, if they also become aware of their reflexive anti-Catholocism, all the better. :^)


Brooke, I assume you note that the name Old Testament is itself supersessionist. If so, Brava!

Miriam, I find it useful to point out to students that Mary's name was actually Miriam.

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