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July 24, 2011



Questia is such a service, but it is expensive and less than comprehensive.

I don't know HOW expensive it is these days; they don't advertise their prices on their website, which is ominous. I subscribed five or six years ago, when I was doing extensive research and didn't have access to a good library; it was $10 a month then. I have a feeling that might have doubled or tripled.

Comprehensive? Not then and probably not now.

Zebee might be a useful direction for scholarly papers. No paper versions makes a big difference in price.

How much of a difference isn't yet clear.


Questia is still $99 a year; it hasn't gone up (that I know of, and I'm a subscriber). It's not comprehensive, though.

At fancier libraries than the one at my university, a lot of monographs are available online, as Miriam says. I wish that we had this access for individuals, but it would probably be too expensive. For now, I still end up buying some monographs.

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