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August 29, 2011



As someone whose books are also not in, I really appreciate this.


I like "Erasing the Canon" (shades of "Erased De Kooning Drawing") but that won't work for you, will it, as you've already Abandoned the Canon. Perhaps you'll have to adopt Post-
Textual Studies -- though again, you're one of the most textual folks I know. Shucks.

Kerry NZ

I've just been through a course where everyone had a different edition of the text - makes for fun when someone is talking about what they are seeing on pX, which is pX+11 for someone else and pX-4 for another...

John Holbo

"How To Do Things Without Words". Something performative and J.L. Austinian, presumably.

George Kelley

The College Bookstore ordered the wrong textbook for my ADVERTISING course. How does that happen when my book order had the correct author, title, publisher, and ISBN????

Benjamin L Clark

Can I audit the Mediums and Media course? Sounds fascinating. I also like the sound of Collaborative Reconstruction of British Literature... sounds a bit like the end of Fahrenheit 451.

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