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August 23, 2011


Jonathan Dresner

Yes! (At least tweet posts so we can share them about easily)


If you do, I will follow you! If not, I understand.


ps The verb is "to tweet."


Yes, I should use the proper verb :)



Mr Punch

Some of your best posts are well over 140 characters, though.

To quote myself quoting someone else: “What can be said in 140 characters is either trivial or abridged; in the first case it would be better not to say it at all, and in the second case it would be better to give it the space it deserves.”


It has its uses.


What's the point? Who wants to read a narrative of short interspersed off topic sentences? If I want that, I can always open ICMP debug mode and get all the real web gossip.

Kerry NZ

No thanks

Benjamin L Clark

Yes do! It's useful for expanding audience, driving traffic to blog, other sites, etc. You'd be a natural.

Benjamin L Clark

PS, you can find me @BLClark and lots of other biblio friends too.

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