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October 05, 2012



Clandestine method of inserting a random badly written sex scene here and there is of course deplorable. But I think Charlotte Bronte did have a masochistic streak. Just think about all the situations in which the Romantic Interest is the heroine's teacher/employer so that she has an excuse to call him her "Master". Or when in "The Professor" Frances makes mistakes in her homework on purpose so that Crimsworth can scold her. She's a bad, bad girl and needs to be punished...

Regarding Sherlock Holmes, isn't he already in the public domain? I wonder who could intervene on his behalf.


You could rework the novel this way, sure, but you'd have to redo the entire novel for it to make any sense.


It sounds pretty awful. Perhaps the author lost the 3x5 card with "zombies" written on it.

To compare and contrast erotica, try reading Philosophy in the Bedroom. deSade would have done better with Punctuation in the Bedroom, full stop.


BTW, both your account here and your twitter version were hilarious. Your readers thank you for reading this, so they don't have to.


I suppose Clandestine Classics could always try to update the good Marquis...

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