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October 11, 2012


Levi Stahl

Something I overheard a boss tell a colleague long ago at the workplace, and which seems to be close to true and worth keeping in mind, is that everyone cries at the office sometime. Some of the same questions of proportion apply--if differently scaled-as in most workplaces it's not as if the patient has died on the table. Still, you never make fun, never take it lightly, if you want to be a good boss or colleague.

Victoria Rondeau

I teach at a private middle school where the 7th grade math curriculum had been sort of 'flipped' as described in your link. The math teacher is using the Khan Academy videos as an adjunct to other types of instruction. The kids are struggling with the format, and the parents have been in varying degrees of revolt - up to and including the the threat of lawsuits. Stuff is calming down a bit, but it has not been a great beginning. The parents have the impression that the math teacher is 'not teaching', the kids who dislike math/struggle with math don't like the mastery idea (and the accompanying extra work needed to show mastery) and it will take time for them to get used to the new format. As differentiated instruction I can see the logic of the approach, but shudder to think what that type of instruction would do to English/Social studies classes.

Jonathan Dresner

Aren't humanities classrooms effectively "flipped" anyway? If students aren't doing the reading, the class goes nowhere. Sure, there are lectures sometimes, but most decent humanities classes are discussions -- i.e. active participation -- based on out-of-class work.


What Jonathan Dresner said.


Well, yes, that's the thing...


Thanks for thinking your students probably deserve better from you than to be mocked for showing weakness. I've met very few students who are "crying on demand" myself.

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