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November 15, 2012



There was an article in the JJQ not too long ago that used google books to identify dozens of previously undetected allusions in FW.

I thought it was pretty impressive. I'm already having trouble remembering what research was like without it.

John Mark Ockerbloom

One important note to add to this useful overview: When you do look up a quote and get various books back as hits, make sure you follow through to locate the passage in the books you plan to record.

I've noticed an odd behavior in Google Books where searching the corpus for a quote that's widely misattributed to a particular author can return books by that author. (Searching within the books won't yield anything, of course, since they quote isn't actually in the books.) I don't know why this occurs, but it does.


JMO: I'd add that GoogleBooks a) will regularly turn up hits to two books at once (i.e., you click on the title and ANOTHER BOOK'S PAGES will be randomly mixed in...), and b) has a number of books cataloged under the wrong title.

Incidentally, when I've done ego-searching on GoogleBooks, I get hits for books that I've cited, as opposed to books that I've been cited in.

Reynolds Potter

Good work. Keep doing it.

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