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November 12, 2012


Laura Vivanco

Re "the search function is helpful," if something's available for the Kindle but you have a hard copy have you tried searching it via Amazon's "search inside" feature on the page where the book is offered for sale? Obviously you can't always get the full quotes that way, but if you have a hard copy then you can use the "search inside" to locate the right page in the hard copy and that can be more helpful/faster than using the book's index.

You can do the same thing at Google Books if an excerpt's available there.

Mr Punch

In Brockport you presumably miss out on one of the greatest advantages of the Kindle: use on public transportation. On my daily commute by bus and subway I find the Kindle much easier to handle than a book, while reading and in my pocket.

Catherine Pope

I find one of the greatest boons the ability to increase the text size, especially when my eyes are tired after a hard day's reading.


LV: I've done that occasionally, although Amazon's search function is sometimes less helpful than it appears.

Mr. P: True, but it's helpful for long airplane rides...

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