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January 14, 2013


Mr Punch

What's remarkable about the whole Holmes thing, it seems to me, is that it is very closely tied to a specific historical period and geography -- but also to an archetypal character who can be moved to (say) present-day New Jersey or New York.

This is hard to explain; just as it's hard to explain how A Study in Scarlet, which isn't really very good, can open with what are by all odds the most successful pages in English fiction, in terms of memorable characters, situations and quotations.

Benjamin L Clark

"Readerly dissatisfaction as an integral part of the business?" Yes. I'm a guilty reader of pastiche fiction and have often found if the work is too referential, too much "ticking off the boxes" (a good description), then it is very unsatisfying and drives me on to other works, or sometimes back to the originals.


Would you please post the syllabus, etc., when it is done?

mike shupp

I'd like to second CJ Coluucci's request for a syllabus.

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