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April 09, 2013



Yes. They have no idea. I am in a Christian school and most of my students have been in christian school since kinder. They probably have better than average bible knowledge. They tend to think allusions (on the few occasions where they actually get them) are accidental for some reason. It's strange. But it really doesn't help them very much to be Christian. In addition to that, they are Protestants of an evangelical variety, so there's an awful lot they just flat don't know that would be terribly important to medieval and early modern people.


Semi-colons, I love you! Don't ever change!


And then there are the days when the students look at you blankly because of both the liturgical and the literary references. Last week I told a couple of my music students about the origin of Quasimodo's name. I thought they would remember the chant "Quasi modo infantes" from the previous Sunday (they are in the choir for the local Latin Mass). They didn't remember the chant, and they also didn't know who Quasimodo is.

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