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November 19, 2013



Agreed. There are big differences between how literary and critical texts incorporate and reference their sources, and the differences in genre have to be taken into account. Do you know about Joseph Harris' textbook Rewriting? I've found it really useful for discussing the types of scholarly/critical appropriation with my students on a conceptual level (rather than the technical "here's how to cite/introduce a quotation or paraphrase" that we are used to doing in composition classes).


I don't know that one--I'll look it up for when I next teach comp.


Hear, hear. I lurk on the fringes of acafan scholarship and read voraciously anything that deals with remix culture and creations.

It's one thing to knowingly (and usually with a knowing nod) borrow elements from another's work to fuel your creative fire. It's another thing to claim that these exact passages were invented, whole cloth by you. In that case, there's a pretty bright line divide between appropriation and plagiarism.

I've yet to hear a single student who's plagiarized in one of my classes even articulate what they've done as appropriation and, therefore, acceptable. Thank goodness!

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