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December 21, 2013


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I hope your dollhouses aren't like M. R. James' or Robert Aickman's...


That was my first thought too. As long as the professional woodworker's house didn't come with a complete little sinister doll family, though, it sounds like she's safe :). Speaking of odd dollhouse stories, have you seen "Empty Rooms", the book about Huguette Clark and her custom dollhouses yet? I have it on reserve and am hoping it's as good as it sounds.

I love both of your dollhouses -- I'm another one who always wanted a Big Fancy dollhouse and never got one. Now I could buy one if I wanted but my children are too young to be trusted around a nice dollhouse so I'd probably just have to hide it all the time, and what fun is that?


I haven't heard any strange sounds from downstairs. At least not yet.


I don't know why, but Henry James occurs to me.


No, I've not seen "Empty Rooms" yet.

What Now?

Fabulous project -- what fun!

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