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May 28, 2014


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference In which I do my best imitation of a broken record and complain about the MLA's recommendations for Ph.D. reforms:


Mr Punch

Agree strongly with (1) and (3), at least - but what we're seeing is unwillingness to rethink the PhD (or go back to an earlier model). It's not unreasonable to believe that the lack of traditional academic jobs makes the humanities PhD as it now exists unsustainable. If that's so, minor tweaks won't be enough. I lean towards a 4-year degree, or call it three beyond the MA, with those remaining on the professorial track doing post-docs.

Assistant Professor

I'm particularly annoyed about the notion of having less in-depth knowledge in order to have folks finish early. What's the point of a PhD anyway if you're going to just encourage the doctoral candidate to crap something out?

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