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July 27, 2015


Brandon Watson

This fits with my experience as well. Blogging has become a lot less interactive -- that aspect is still there, but the interaction is much more glancing and limited than it once was. It's not quite blogosphere-we-hardly-knew-thee, but it's a big shift.

Bourgeois Nerd

I still read my blogs through clicking my bookmarks, like some sort of troglodyte.


I got here through a blog (
but the problem is with the side referrals is that the blogger in general does not update them regularly and I end up with 4 dead site out of five clicks (approx.)


Oh and about commenting, I love commenting but I am afraid I bother the blogger by my regular appearance so I try not to overwhelm them.


You can come see our blog and comment there if you like :-)


I read something recently about the decline of "blog culture" and how things are migrating to Facebook, which really means you have to seek out the writers/posts you want to read. This is a sad situation for someone like me (and, I imagine, like many readers of this blog) who enjoys the fun of discovering an interesting and unexpected blog, bookmarking it, and then checking back regularly to read the new posts. (For example, I never miss your "This week's acquisitions"--I've discovered so many interesting books that I never would have heard about otherwise.) This shift is supposedly progress. Sigh.

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