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May 01, 2004


Jonathan Dresner

Nicely done, and not just because you cited me and agreed with me!

The link to the Noachide laws was, dare I say it, providential, because I was just trying to explain them to a visiting religion speaker. Judaism is the only religion I know of that has a separate and less stringent set of rules for non-members that nonetheless guarantees a "place in the world to come."


Wow. You've given me some food for thought, and made me regret putting the Noll quotation in my post without any context...

Thanks for your charity! :-)

Conisder me a new fan.


Fascinating! In my humble opinion, if any of the claims that the Divine is working in history were true, then they would all have to be true, and we'd have to expand our world-view to reconcile them somehow, and work out which of the strange and convoluted developments were divinely inspired, and which were human muddle. All of which is a matter of personal taste, of course...

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