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July 23, 2004


Jonathan Dresner

I haven't bothered with the Dozois collections in while, because I read Fantasy and Science Fiction. But "Fluted Girl" passed through those pages, and it was one of the finest pieces of writing, and some of the most memorable images and dystopic projections, I've read in the last few years.

But your description of "Green Leopard Plague" makes me think I should be reading a little further afield. F/SF is a good magazine, but, with most magazines I get a little tired of the stylstic consistency after a few years, and some of F/SF's stable of regulars really get on my nerves (Cowdrey, for example).

One of the reasons I've always envied literature faculty was my colleague in Iowa who would assign the most recent Dozois Fantasy collection every year for his "Myths and Monsters" class..... I can't get away with that.

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