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October 11, 2004


Josh Lukin

I'm not particulary engaged with JD's work, but the number of hostile articles and comments on his death that conflated deconstruction, postmodernism, identity politics, postcolonialism, epistemic relativism, moral relativism, etc, etc, motivated me to sign the letter of protest to the New York Times after it had run two articles blaming Derrida for all the world's ills. Thank you Miriam, for having cut through the confusion with this entry.

Jonathan K. Cohen

Warminski was perhaps the most antagonistic and polemical of de Man's students, and his making statements for effect was not altogether unexpected, especially during your undergraduate/my graduate years at UCI. I think that the phenomenon of the selection of canonical texts upon which to perform rhetorical readings owes something to that spirit of the provocateur: "Look, it's *your* canon, and look what *we* found!" If the texts were unimportant to the reader's predecessors, the spirit of controversy was lost.

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