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January 22, 2005



(begin rambly diatribe)
What a terrible review. Chabon wanted an excuse to write about Sherlock Holmes and invented a review of the new annotated edition to do it.

It's a pet peeve of mine when authors do that. For example, Pamela Dean wrote a novel a few years ago entitled _Tam Lin_ in the Fairy Tale series edited by Terry Windling. What she really wanted to do was write a college novel. That's fine, but write one, and don't thinly disguise it as a book of another color. _When Patty Went to College_ is one of the finest college novels written, even though it was written in 1902. On subject and everything. And you know it from the title. :)
(end rambly diatribe)

Bill Tozier

Just finished listening to a flawed but sufficient audio version of Flashman and the Tiger. I would imagine that one would ever so much want to include the title story, which features Holmes and Watson in an extraordinary scene... but, alas one can't, can one? Not in school....

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