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February 20, 2005



Now I'm really disappointed, LP. In great suspense, I click on 'continue reading', and... oh. Nothing there. This is cruel! ;)

Tim Peoples

This reminds me (for some odd reason) of a fellow student in a class on Milton. The student in question (we'll call her Jane), who was a sweet -- if naive, person -- would always take the most flowery interpretation possible of Paradise Lost. I think my professor reached a breaking point when Jane asked about a particular passage, "Well, what was Milton's intention?"

My professor asked the class, "Where is Milton now?"

Someone else replied, "He's dead."

My professor thanked that student for her answer and moved on, feeling that she had answered Jane's question. A couple of weeks later, Jane dropped the class.


For some reason, I can't get the "continue reading" to go away--I've checked to make sure that there's nothing in the continuation field, but Typepad refuses to cooperate. Sorry to be the cause of any anguish :)

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