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February 25, 2005


David Chute

The Abyss is an extraordinary novel. Maybe not as perfect as Hadrian, but certainly the most compelling reconstruction of the world view of an alchemist this side of...maybe John Crowley. I was working in Maine as a freelance writer when she was living with Grace Frick on Mt. Desert Island and I could never summon the courage to try to get an interview.


What a lovely find that Talfourd and Stephen book is! Serjeant Talfourd may be "best known" to today's Romanticists as a biographer of Anne Radcliff, but he is best known to me and other book historians as a hero in the struggle for copyright. The 1842 Act would not have happened without him, though he was out of Parliament by the time it finally passed. In his own time he was otherwise best known for a series of longwinded tragedies.


By the you or anyone in your office have knowledge of or could search for, an autobiographical styled book of the woman who actually wrote the "Tender Years Doctrine" which was then presented by a male family member to the English Parliament"? Ran across its book review some many years via internet searching for something else, and have not been able to find it since! Believe it was Lord Talfourd who presented this bill to Parliament.

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