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April 01, 2005



I would love to talk with you some -- I'm finishing up a paper on the representations of Jane Seymour (focusing mostly on the Tudor period as I'm in history, not in literature). She's another character who has quite the variable reputation and representation.

Oh, and the fan site? I know the creator of that. There's actually quite a number of current fan interest in Anne Boleyn in communities of teen through college-aged women at sites such as livejournal:

And, yes, you're right about Boromir/Aske. I've seen screen captures of the two scenes juxtaposed (again, on livejournal) and it's a striking resemblance!

Lauren Fensterstock

I thought you might be interested in reading a review of my recent solo exhibtion "Dearest" at Aucocisco Gallery in Portland, Maine. The show explored my fascination with Anne Boleyn. The show documented my research into her life through drawings and scultpure. I included studies based on her her portraiture alongside studies of my own - seeing how our intitials looked interwined, perfecting her signature, recreating her costume in butterfly wings, etc... This review was written by Chris Thompson and was the cover story for the Portland Phoenix in April 2005. The link is: You will notice that I included imagery from several questionable portraits (most noticeably Pourbus's Elizabethan era woman) because I wanted to include the myth and the actual, the romance and the real, which collectively shape our version of this remarkable woman. I'd love to forward you some installation shots and images of the work in the show, if you are interested let me know! Lauren Fensterstock

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