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April 22, 2005



Dear Lord. How did you get steamer trunk on the plane?


Didn't--shipped 'em. Otherwise, I'd be in traction.


Zut alors, Zola! This is what comes from teaching too much VILLETTE. Our Little Professor has taken to devouring yellow-backed novels by demmed Frenchies! I can understand jumping the pond to the west and scarfing down WYLDER'S HAND, but pluddy ell, squire, reading a cove nymed Eye-meel! For your penance, compare the double ending of VILLETTE with the similar-in-effect double ending of Murnau's THE LAST LAUGH.

benjamin morris

Delighted to see Prickett's book on the list. SP is/has been a mentor of mine for the past four years ever since he was a visiting prof at my undergrad institution; I wholeheartedly recommend his earlier book "Words and the Word: The Romantic Appropriation of the Bible." Offers a deliciously ironic reading of the brouhaha between Thomas Love Peacock and Shelley -- ultimately suggesting that Peacock's essay "The Four Ages of Poetry" was specifically intended to goad Shelley into writing his "Defense of Poetry." The book you've picked is just as much fun; it's the kind of thing Fred Jameson and his crew wouldn't even page through in the bookstore. Enough, though. It's Stephen's story to tell. Hope all's well with you. Yours-- BAM

Bill Tozier

Your parents should avert their eyes?

My mother lives here, and is sitting at the dining room table as I snip open the 65 packages that have recently arrived from eBay sellers.

It is especially damning when the monkey on one's back reads into one's ear....

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