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May 10, 2005


N. Dardik

Thanks for this. I am almost at the end of my Anne Boleyn novel and am refreshed to find someone who can help me sift fact from fiction! I miss college.


This really has nothing to do with the above article, its more of a fun speculation...

Welcome to the court of King Henry VIII of England. Watch your step, because in Whitehall, even the walls have ears, and you never know who will be listening. The latest gossip, or a wrong look can spell the end of your life-- a time of love, murder, betrayal, and lust, this court is merciless. Can you safely navigate your way through Henry’s Whitehall, or will you lose your head?

This role-play site winds through the historic events of Henry’s rule, each section headed by a different one of his six queens. You may choose any available member of his court to role-play, or create history with an original character. There are many characters to choose from, and the stories you create are entirely flexible.

Come join us at Whitehall:

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