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May 23, 2005



I missed most of the Victorian stuff, but I like Lodge's The British Museum is falling Down.



I don't really go in for this kind of biographical historical fiction that much (I haven't read either of the James novels), but on the subject of Marlowe I did thoroughly enjoy Tamburlaine Must Die last year.


I enjoyed The Master, and would have hated to see it fail as I admire Toibin's work generally ( and I expected it to be something I might feel uncomfortable with as I'm not a faction fan). Thanks for the Marlowe tips, it is probably easier to read faction about him given that I've never given the original material a proper run and thought he was a fascinating figure.

Ray Davis

I thought published-as-fact-but-meticulously-speculative The Reckoning was more entertaining than the meticilously-researched-but-published-as-fiction novels. Your reckoning may differ, but you might as well give it a try if you can find it cheap or free.

david crossen

I must admit I didn't love The Master. I knew the facts, the consciousness can be extrapolated from the stories, and I didn't like the treatment of sexuality -- like his sleeping naked with Holmes. What happened? Incidentally, David Riggs wrote a magnificent life of Marlowe. It tells more about the educational experience than anything I've ever read about shakespeare except Baldwin's book. Wonderful

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