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July 12, 2005



Oh, that last novella you mention "Wild for to Hold" is a great piece: she's so strong a character and so much more than just the "Holy Hostage" they imagine. Of all the Anne Boleyn stories and novels that I've read, it is the only one that has stayed with me in blinding clarity for years.


Dear Miriam,

I assume you're reading the scholarly analyses of the bogus history. Retha Warnke's _Rise and Fall of Anne B_ is very good. The appendices particularly.

I've read some of the 17th & 18th century plays. They're worth looking into for uncannily similar elements. Do you know Elizabeth Tollett's heroic epistle? I wrote about this in my conference paper, "I hate such plays as we have plaid today." I put it on my site.


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