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July 23, 2005


A. G.

Do you have books in your car? What books do you keep in your office?

Bourgeois Nerd

As I've said before, you're my bibliophilic role model, Little Professor! The thought of living with all those books makes me giddy!

Have you considered perhaps building some sort of shed or addition to house more books? I'm sure if they all pitched in, they could come up with a down payment! *LOL*

BTW, what do Victoria and Disraeli make of the books? Is it a contentious relationship for your time, attention, and affection, or do they too like books?


No books in the bedroom? What do you read at night?

My total: 13 6-ft. bookcases downstairs (hall, living room, dining room); 16 upstairs (both bedrooms, study, hall). Cookbooks in kitchen, but that's not a full case's worth. Nothing in the bathrooms -- too worried about humidity. Just had to pack up my office for sabbatical, and now have a dozen forlorn boxes stacked in the entryway, unshelvable.

I try to leave small blank spaces at least every other shelf, so that I can shelve a few new books without having to move the whole kit 'n' caboodle. Makes lots of handy niches for losing my keys and the outgoing mail...

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