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July 14, 2005


What Now?

What a bizarre article, written by someone who seems to have no idea at all of American lit of the 19th century. Now, there are many things that I don't know the first things about, but I usually avoid speaking authoritatively on those subjects!

Andre Mayer

Well, this is the problem with having (a) a canon, and (b) an anti-canon based on authorship rather than readership -- it leaves you with essentially no historical information.

I read Warner et al. when I took English -- but that was with Henry Nash Smith, whose like we will not see again. It's my impression that apart from Stowe, the only one of these American novelists whose name might be recognizable to any significant number of non-specialists is Lew Wallace -- who was, I've read, the first writer to sell the movie rights to a novel.


It's interesting that the first wave of American Christian writing you point to seems to have been dominated by women, while the new generation is currently dominated by men. The new Christian literature seems very "muscular," if you know what I mean -- dominated by the conventions of the action-adventure genre.

Maybe that will change, though, with the (slightly improbable) advent of Christian Chick-lit.


Barbara Kingsolver is #73 on Goldberg's list of the 100 people screwing up America. I guess THE POISONWOOD BIBLE is the anti-christ of 'muscular' evangelical literature.

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