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August 15, 2005



Fantastic! "Manufactured discontent" is nothing new, of course, but the circularity of it is lovely.

F. John Perry

It is odd that these interesting excerpts were presented to us due to the prompting of Mr.Reeves article; upon viewing, it is found to be appallingly shallow. But some good generally flows from even the worst of works.

Bourgeois Nerd

I love how just because HE was unhappy, ALL atheists are unhappy. Even if you were a completely uneducated and unreflective boob, wouldn't that strike you as a bit of a leap? I wonder how happy he REALLY is, now.


Well, in a real sense, it's true that atheists *are* more unhappy than Christians. Life stinks a lot of the time. I don't have enough time or money to live in a decently human way. The U.S. is being taken over by fascists, more or less, and global warming may destroy us. And personally, as I get older and my defenses wither, I have lot more anxiety than I used to. If I were a Christian, my illusions would make me a lot more confident that all will turn out well. But such is realism: in fact, there is a good deal to be unhappy about.

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