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September 04, 2005


Another Damned Medievalist

So I will probably never get a job, I guess. WOuld it help if I stopped blogging and just put up a sign that said I'd read Mr. Tribble's stuff and realized he was right and I'm ever so sorry?

F. John Perry

So, there are sound prudential reasons for bloggers - at least academic ones- to hide behind pseudonyms. In my ignorance I had supposed that these writers just found their assumed names (eg Professor Goose) to be irresistibly cute. After all, the writers of the blogs I follow present views that are neither outrageous nor scurrilous. The practice reminds me of the near-universal custom, in the 19th century, of anonymous letters to the editor. Smothering my contempt, I read these antique opinion pieces with interest anyway, and I do the same with a good contemporary blog.

Bill Tozier

You know, I summed up my reaction to Mr. Tribble a while back. I can be even more brief, now that he has clarified:

He presumes that we will be hired the same process, and by the same people, and for the same job at the same sort of institution as he was. Some of us doubt very much that any one of those assumptions is valid.

But you know, he's right on the face of it: if I wanted to work in a slow-witted, risk-averse, tyrannically hierarchical, self-importantly pompous, committee-burdened, navel-gazing hidey-hole tucked far away from the world and its concerns ... well, I'd be in trouble then, wouldn't I?


Bill, you forgot "Quaint" and "Old."

Bill Tozier

No, I'm old enough not to want to use that one, and "quaint" enough myself, on purpose. ;)


Ewww. That whole CoHE column smacks of a "wow, they don't like me, and now I want to rapidly backtrack and prove that I'm a good guy" response. Even while sticking to his guns.

That's right, Ivan Tribble, you don't get it. And don't forget that someday, it's the bloggers who'll be on the hiring committees.

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