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October 10, 2005



My goodness...and here I was thinking they were being sparing to Mr. Jordan...


Well, Jordan is too busy writing 800-page books in which nothing happens...but Book 11 is out tomorrow, and will I buy it? Absolutely. Dissertation diversion #483. May the Jordanian sentence structure not invade my dissertation...

Bourgeois Nerd

Jordan has a lot of writerly "ticks." No one is going to accuse him of lyricism. However, I've recently been rereading some of WOT and the Jordan fever I thought long ago extinguished by disappointment, books "where nothing happens," and sheer years has come back in full force. I'm soooooooooo jazzed about the new book!

Also, with regards to the weird sentences, I've read that the last few books haven't had a full editing cycle; the publisher basically gave it a quick proofread and threw it out to the ravening wolves. I have high hopes for the new book, actually, because Jordan insisted on a full editing this time. It's also getting good reviews.


The new trend in publishing--now that most publishing houses are international conglomerates--is to skip the editorial process altogether. Yes, a copyedit and quick proofread is about all an author gets. And the established authors have taken to hiring their own substantive editors. Of course the novice author can't afford this additional expense that's being off-loaded by the publisher. Mind you, it's very French. LOL.

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