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October 23, 2005


Andre Mayer

Surely Sherlock Holmes should be fairly well muscled? He's very active in general, and a good boxer, which requires considerable upper body strength.


Certainly, Doyle's Holmes needs musculature (how else is he supposed to unbend a bent poker?), but Doyle seems to have had something more wiry in mind.

Jonathan K. Cohen

I may misjudge the period of Sherlock Holmes completely, but would it have been standard operating practice (so to speak) to use the word "sexual" in the mortuary, as occurs in "Silk Stockings", given that the milieu (again, so I think) is Victorian? Freud and Breuer are ages off.


Jonathan raises a good question.

Rafe McGregor

I am putting together a collection of Sherlock Holmes pastiches and I'm looking for Sherlockian short stories by unpublished authors.

The collection will be published by Lulu under the Classic Mysteries imprint. Roylaties are payavle quarterly and will be divided equally amongst contributors.

If you know of anyone interested, please contact me on

You might like to have a look at the following websites as well:

Rafe McGregor

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