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October 11, 2005



I have three copies of Jane Eyre and I'm not even a Victorianist! It is frustrating that LibraryThing doesn't count sets as more than one volume (in my collection, both Churchill's History of the English-Speaking Peoples and Timothy Dwight's Travels in New England and New York are 4 volume sets but they count in LibraryThing as one). I'm in the process of collecting the Archives of Maryland. (I haven't catalogued them yet; they live in my carrel.) When I have all 72 of the colonial columes, will Library Thing count them as one??


Jim and I are having a debate how many books we have. He says 10,000; I say 15,000.

Whether a series counts as separate books or a single book depends upon how the publisher made up the data.

I am counting separate editions of the same book if the surrounding material is important to me.

I own multiple copies of books I teach too.


At least once a semseter I forget to bring in from home a copy of the book I'm teaching and have to buy another from the bookstore.


Ha ha. Every so often I'll be lost in a used book store and pick up Jane Eyre paperback and think to myself, 'Why don't I have a copy of Jane Eyre?'

I'll find myself at home later adding it to my stack of Jane Eyre paperbacks. It's downright weird.

Sredni Vashtar

Since Library Thing is based, I believe, on LOC MARC information, it looks at sets the way librarians view them. Librarians would generally see a set --The Complete Works of *-- as one item, regardless the number of volumes. Catalogers are the "priest-cult" of librarianship.


You'd think that after reading and actually commenting on this post I'd have drawn some moral from it, but no, today I had to buy another copy of Persuasion.

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