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November 07, 2005



LP--you should definitely see Bringing up Baby. Katharine Hepburn ar her finest!


I think this is the first of these lists ever where I could actually bold the majority of them. So now we know what I get up to when I should be reading Great Literature and stuff.

(Some that I really truly think you ought to see: The Apartment, Groundhog Day, The Ladykillers, Life of Brian, Shaun of the Dead (but maybe that's just too British... and daft). But for my dose of Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant, I prefer Holiday to Bringing up Baby.)


LP and Sharon--if you like Katherine Hepburn, another good one is Adam's Rib. :)


I must admit to being shocked that you don't want to see Dr. Strangelove.


Well, I did say most. I should see Dr. Strangelove, I know.

bob mcmanus

I haven't seen Strictly Ballroom, the Hulot movie, and whatever le diner de con is.

The General is a must.
Manhattan is barely a comedy, but only a masterpiece. Heck, they're all good, and I have seen most multiple times. I hear some people still read books.


Strictly Ballroom is wonderful. Fantastically bitchy, quite surreal at times, and nowhere near as soppy as it would be if Americans had made it rather than Aussies.

Which reminds me that Muriel's Wedding ought to be on the list.

Sredni Vashtar

Besides "Strangelove," "The General" and "Lady Killers (1955 original, not the update)" are pretty much required viewing. You might like "Amelie," too. "Annie Hall" depends on how you view Woody Allen.


"The Wrong Box"
"On Approval"
"Privates on Parade"

(the last-named isn't a nudge-wink Brit comedy, though the title is an ironic reference to the nudge-wink genre)


"The General" was digitally restored last year by the French company MK2. Absolutely brilliant. After having restored all of Chaplin's films, they have moved on to Keaton. I was spellbound for the entire 90 minutes, but I wonder how today's students--the ones who find the first "Star Wars" film too slow--would react.

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