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April 04, 2006



Wow. Books on bookshelves instead of in piles over the floor. I am in awe.


It is as I always suspected. You have no other furniture.


Nice. Is it just me, or are the bookshelves tilted?


I have some other furniture. Not much, mind you, but some.

The bookcases are indeed tilting--they're Seminary Co-Op bookcases, which are narrower than most bookcases & cut at the base so as to lean back against the wall.


Of course, I looked at this picture and thought -- she hasn't piled any books on top of the bookshelves. What an opportunity the Little Professor is missing!

I bet you can guess how my office bookshelves are all adorned, now, can't you?

Those do look like lovely bookshelves, however. Maybe it's time to bid my extensive collection of Ikea bookcases goodbye and buy some that are more adult and stylish?


This reminds me of how inadequate my own bookshelves are, even after adding three new six-foot shelves. About two-thirds of my collection is in basement prison due to lack of space on the "livable" floors. Its a risk, but its what I have.

I least now I have something reasonable to aspire to, other than the WASPish dark-paneled library/office that you always see in the movies.

Scott Eric Kaufman

Beautiful, just beautiful. I'll bet they're even alphabetized.


Not only alphabetized, but in categories...

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