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May 06, 2006



Thanks for the great links. I'm teaching Dore next week in my course on late Victorian decadent literature, as we're starting our Salome unit. It's always my favorite part of the class.


Oh dear, in my excitement I confused Gustav Dore, who I am NOT teaching, with Gustav Moreau, who I am. Sorry. I guess I'll never make a favorable impression around here.


Dore's illustrations for Eugene Sue's "The Wandering Jew" are also very strong.

Annya Strydom

I was interested to view all the information on the internet on Gustav Dore as he was my great great uncle. My Mothers grandmothers brother..
Regards Annya Strydom

joe mogel

i have a copy of milton's paradise lost, it is a blue hard cover with no printing date in it, it has a gilded angel on the cover and it clearly states it large gilded letters under the angel that gustave dore illistrated it, does anyone know how much it might be worth?

Betty Brady

I have a very old copy of The Dore' Gallery of Bible Illustrations . It has white parchment sheets between each of the illustrations . Can you give me an idea of the value ?


There's also this, on the "Dore Vase":

Maureen Herbert

My great aunt has an entire book dedicated to Poe's "The Raven" with Dore etchings throughout. Although I understand Dore was active with various Romantic authors, I've not yet heard of any other connection to Poe. Info?


hi, here is another link that might be of interest for people interested in Gustave Dore:

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