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May 13, 2006



I haven't even been doing this that long, but I already know each one of those actions far too well :)


And once the ritual is complete, do you go back and make sure that you were using the same standards at the end that you were at the beginning? Do you group all the A's, B's, etc. and review them a second time to make sure that they are of about the same quality and that you didn't adjust your standards as you went along? Does a colleague review a sample of your exams to make sure that you are generally in line with departmental and university-wide standards? If another faculty member is grading exams from another section of the same course, do you exchange exam books and review each other's work to insure consistency and fairness?

No. I didn't think so. You don't know anything at all about quality control and you don't think it's important. You give arbitrary marks and you don't even recognize that you're being arbitrary because no one has ever shown you what consistency means. You work for institutions that charge these kids $20,000 to $40,000 a year and you have less in the way of institutional controls on your work product than H&R Block.


Wow, a commentor who doesn't know about Freshman Comp portfolios. Mazel tov on having Made It Through, Dr. B.


Hilarious! Thank you. Maybe submit to a teaching carnival or grading carnival or something? it deserves a wide audience.

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