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November 20, 2006



I love this. I *love* this. I LOVE this.
I think it might even be better than the L&O one. But I do have a preference for the real "House," so I might be a little prejudiced.
I haven't laughed so hard in.. a long time. Thank you, thank you very much.


"Wils(on)House: Dialogue and the Construction of Eroticized Professional Masculinities in Twenty-first Century Popular Entertainment."

I am SO disappointed that this isn't really a conference paper. The fanfic writers and the TWoP forumites will be disappointed, you're right.

Best "House" episode ever, by the way!


This is really, really good.


Seriously, this is awesome. Also it's reminded me of the existence of "House," which makes several away messages much clearer right now....

Scott Eric Kaufman

Of course Wilson likes it, but speaking as someone disinclined to praise genius-qua-genius, I thought this was genius. So much so, I think it deserves a wider airing...


I agree, this is outstanding. And I've never even seen the show.


Loved this. House has a cult following here in the UK, largely on the basis that we can't believe Bertie Wooster turned out to be this hard-bitten cynical American doctor.

The Roaring Girl

This slayed me, LP! Please please please submit it to the Chronicle!


Awesome. And I think that paper needs submitting, now!



Rachel Barenblat

"I fell into a lacuna" - !!! This former religion major and current House viewer is endlessly amused.

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