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November 10, 2006



I think this is exactly right: "The Old Wives' Tale *is* a very post-Victorian novel." Woolf exaggerated Bennett's obsolescence in order to stake a claim for modernist technique, but Bennett is closer to Bloomsbury than to Maupassant.

(I advanced an argument coming to similar conclusions, though for different reasons, in ELT a couple of years back.)

Karen Lofstrom

Sure, the Clifford novel is available online, but ... the goddamn university split it up into chapters which would have to be separately downloaded and then recombined if I wanted to read it on my PDA. It is set up to be read AT the computer, which is not the best way to read ebooks.

I suppose the point is to make it impossible to easily download the whole novel, because then other people might get the benefit of their work. ACK-THPPPT! I spend many hours at Distributed Proofreaders preparing books to be given away, gratis, no strings, and that's the way it should be. What is scholarship but giving away knowledge with both hands?



The Old Wives Tale is on my list to read next year, thanks for the lead to Aunt Anne!

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